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Historical Archives

Via Candiani, 72 - 20158 Milano (Campus Bovisa Durando - building B1)


Services for the public: ph. 02.2399.5703


The access to Historical Archives is free also for external users, but only for reading the documents here stored. 



Open from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am - 1.00 pm. 

The reading service is available only by reservation.






  • reference: internal and external users have free access to Historical Archives during opening hours. For any requests or information write to archivio(at)
    There is no remote consultation service, scans of documents cannot be sent.
  • photocopying: there are two different forms for requesting copies, one for the reproduction of documents with own means, for study and research purposes, and one for  the instances of reproduction for purpose of publication for profit and other particular purposes.
    Any request for the reproduction of original materials must be submitted to Librarian services and archives by filling in the appropriate forms available in the study room.
  • loans for exhibits: submit a request to
  • documentary exhibitions: they are periodically organized in the exhibition area of building B1, on tjhe ground floor
  • contacts with foundations and cultural institutions
  • consulting services and the development of tools for external archive conservators 

Historical Archives works to describe, conserve, enhance and enrich the archival sources of interest to the Politecnico di Milano, ensuring the storage, cataloguing, reproduction and use of archival fonds, in accordance with the law.

Politecnico di Milano's Historical Archives Service develops projects aimed at a better use of the archives, encourages their consultation, organises documentary exhibitions and valorisation initiatives, and promotes conventions whit other cultural Institutions as well as loans for exhibitions purposes.

For archival researches, there are finding aids relating to the single fonds, available in various formats and linked to the phase of processing and managing the same.

In 2012, the Lombardy Region and Politecnico di Milano have concluded a cooperation Agreement for a project relating to the "Development of the Archimista platform" and, since the month of December 2017 the Historical Archives Service has offered for online perusal the archival inventories that are periodically published on Archivista
Further information on ArchiVista

Manager of Campus Life Division: Chiara Pesenti, ph. 02.2399.2428 - e-mail
Head of the Historical Archives and Museum Activities Service: Anna Elisabetta Colella, ph. 02.2399.2213 - e-mail

Sabrina Contu - ph. 02.2399.5709 - e-mail
Luciana Gunetti - ph. 02.2399.5812 - e-mail
Marco Vitale - ph. 02.2399.5642 - e-mail