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Materials Library

Presso Biblioteca Bovisa Candiani - Via Candiani, 72 - 20158 Milano (Bovisa Campus - building B1)


Services for the public: ph. 02.2399.7176

To access the library you need your magnetic card (Policard)

You can search and find the materials in the special materials catalogue

Open from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am - 4.00 pm
If you need to prebook an appointment, please write to, or


  • all the materials samples may be viewed onsite or borrowed, also through the selfcheck machine, working with the user's personal badge
  • a support in searching materials is available, possibly bytelephone notice

Materioteca is a documentation structure created within the Chemistry, Material and Chemical Engineering Department "Giulio Natta" (CMIC) of the Politecnico di Milano in 1999. It is a service present in the Durando Campus Library from 2014 .

Materioteca is an educational archive of materials that includes more than 5000 samples of materials.

The collection of samples, classified and catalogued according to criteria useful to the project, considers both the engineering properties and the expressive - sensory characterization.

Materioteca provides updated information on traditional and innovative materials, on their properties and application possibilities. 

The collection is constantly enriched and updated through contacts with national and international manufacturers .

The 5000 samples available are divided by classes of materials: polymers, woods, ceramics, glass metals, paper / cardboard, recycled materials, stones and building materials, fabrics, fibers and yarns, composite materials, innovative materials and smart materials.

You can search and find the materials in the special materials catalogue



Head of Bovisa libraries and Acquisition Unit: Piero Ruggeri, ph. 02.2399.7175, e-mail
Manager of Campus Life Division: Chiara Pesenti, ph. 02.2399.2428, e-mail

Graziella Sasso - ph. 02.2399.7176 - e-mail
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