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Services for external users


Access is possible upon payment of a fee.

If it is the first time you are registering for a Politecnico service, before going to the library you must register on the online services, by connecting to, and clicking on the "Register" link.

Please enter a valid e-mail address and telephone number for communications regarding any loans. The treatment of personal data will be done in accordance with the current regulations. The data will be used exclusively to supply the requested services.

At the end of the registration a personal code will be issued. In the Milan libraries it will be possible to pay in cash or by debit/credit card. In the libraries of the territorial centers (Lecco, Piacenza, Cremona) the payment will be online, it is necessary to contact the library in advance by communicating your personal details, tax code and e-mail address to which the payment notice will be sent.

External users belonging to IDEM and Eduroam federated entities are allowed wi-fi access. For more information: Federations - ICT services (

For the use of the loan service a pass lasting at least a month is required.

External users cannot access the electronic resources, or consult cartographic materials or book rooms for group study or individual workstations. Furthermore, access to underages is not permitted.

Daily admissions cannot be made after 3pm.





Annual pass: 100.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Half-yearly pass: 70.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Quarterly pass: 50.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Monthly pass: 25.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Day pass: 5.00 euro (onsite reading)