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Services for external users

Notice for he COVID-19 emergency period

Admissions for external users are temporarily suspended.
Only external users who already have a valid pass are admitted.



At the ccirculation desk you need to fill out the form  for external users with your details and present your ID document.
If you choose a pass lasting at least a month you are given a temporary card to go through the turnstiles. At the end of this period, the temporary pass must be returned.
You can borrow books only if you have a pass lasting at least a month.
You cannot access electronic resources and you cannot consult maps on the premises 






Annual pass: 100.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Half-yearly pass: 70.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Quarterly pass: 50.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Monthly pass: 25.00 euro (onsite reading, borrowing)
Day pass: 5.00 euro (onsite reading)