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General information

Through this websile you can search all documents available at University Library System: printed books and journals, electronic resources (online articles and e-journals, e-books, databases), post-graduate theses and PhD theses, technical standards, cartography, materials. 

On this website you can use:

As for electronic resources on subscription (online articles and e-books) you can also download the document in full-text. If you are off campus you need to have configured the proxy on your laptop browser and to have set the proxy credentials. Further information

We advise you not to do bibliographic searches on electronic resources from your mobile phone, both for reasons related to the reduced size of the screen, and because it is not possible to configure the university proxy on your mobile phone, and therefore you may obtain unreliable information regarding the availability of electronic resources.

Puoi verificare l’elenco alfabetico completo di tutti i periodici elettronici e gli e-book in abbonamento.

If ou are searching only printed books and journals or materials you can use also PolimiLibrary app, which coincides with the online catalogue.

Search tips

  • If you are looking for a book or an e-book enter the significant words of the title or author's surname in BIBLIOSEARCH.
  • If you are looking for a post-graduate thesis or PhD dissertation
    • if the thesis was discussed beforeJuly 2010 or the PhD dissertation was discussed before 2012, use the online catalgue
    • if the thesis was discussed afterJuly 2010 or the PhD dissertation was discussed since 2012 use the online repository POLItesi
    • if you don't know the discussion date, use the search engine box in home page, leaving the icon "all the resources" selected
  • If you need to do a general research and you don't know exactly what kind of document you are interested in, you'd better use the discovery tool BIBLIOSEARCH leaving the icon "all the resources" selected. If you enter one or more search terms you simultaneously search for the online catalogue (in which you find printed books and journals, printed theses, cartography and materials), the online theses repository, the e-books, the e-journals and most of online databases on subscription.
  • If you are looking for a technical standard, use the specific databases on subscription.  

Search through a database

Through the databases you can find out publications about an even very specific subject or publications about an author. You can access the full-text of a document through the database, if the Politecnico has a subscription, by pressing the SFX button. 

You can search for journal articles and documents directly in a specific database specialized in the sector of your interest or in the citational databases (Scopus and Web of Science).
You find the complete A-Z list of databases on subscription here.

Some databases can also be searched through the search engine, while others can only be accessed via the native interface of the single database. Further information

After having retrieved the bibliographic references of the articles, you can check the availability of the full text by clicking the SFX button. If the full-text is not available, check in the Online Catalogue if the journal containing the article is present in paper format in the Politecnico libraries.
If the paper document is not available either, a link to the Document Delivery service through Nilde is available.

If you did not find the document you were looking for?

You can try to search for it yourself in the catalogues of other libraries outside the Politecnico or you can request the book you need through the inter-library loan service or request the article or book chapter you are looking for through the Document Delivery service.
If you need help you can always contact the Reference Service.