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The Introini fonds (1962-2011)

1. Torre ad appartamenti 1983 - via Bellini - Cassano Magnago (VA) - Fotografia Gabriele Basilico
2. Scuola elementare 1971 - Cardano al Campo (VA)
3. Scuola elementare 1971 - Cascina Elisa - Samarate (VA)


Vittorio Introini (1935-2023)

After graduating from the Politecnico di Milano in 1961 in architecture, Introini taught composition courses from 1971 in various architecture faculties. His studio work, documented by the most important architecture reviews, focused on building and design work.

The fonds is made up of project designs, sketches, documents, photographs and publications for a total of 140 drawing rolls, 26 bundles and 6 files.

It was donated to the Archivi Storici in August 2012.

Additional documentation

The fonds’ inventory is published on ArchiVista,  and on the Lombardia Archives website