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Leonardo Campus Library - BCL

Via Ampère, 2 - 20131 Milano (Bonardi Campus - building 11)


Services for the public: ph. 02.2399.2685/2680
Reference service: ph. 02.2399.2667

To access the library you always need your university ID card (Policard), which is stricly personal and non-transferable.  



Specific opening hours

Mezzanine floor
Monday - Sunday 8.00 am to 11.45 pm (loan requests and returns until 11.30 pm)

Monday - Sunday 8.30 am to 7.00 pm (reading rooms amd open shelf materials)
Monday - Friday 8.30 am to 7.00 pm (materials for consultation only in the historical section)

Reference service - Personalized information and advice for biblographic researches, theses and cartography
Monday - Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm, from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm
By calling n. 02.2399.2667 or by requesting an appointment at the loan desk

- Paper cartography - Documents have to be requested indicated the locations you need to the mail:
- Digital cartography- Contact the Reference service

Consultation of volumes from external deposits
They can be consulted in the historical section, it is necessary to request the volumes as indicated a Catalogue

Rooms for study and research groups and individual workstations
Monday - Sunday from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm
More information

Paid services (passes for external users, fines)
Monday - Sunday from 8.00 am to 11.30 pm



For general information about library services visit the section Services

In particular:

  • books withshelfmark BCA located on open shelf: you can borrow them,except those with the label printed in red. The books with shelfmark BCA required via the catalogue will be kept aside the following day, or the first available day when the library is closed;
  • historical section: the books and the journals stored in this warehouse are available only for onsite use. Requests must be made at the circulation desk in the basement. These materials are available from Monday to Friday. Here the consultation of books from external deposits also takes place, for which the consultation request must be made from the Catalogue;
  • the collections from the ex department libraries and a part of the collection from the ex Central Engineering Library are stored in external storehouses. These documents may be requested and they are available as shown in red on the online catalogue and are taken twice a week;
  • Consultation of post-graduate and PhD theses:

    The post graduate theses are kept in a remote deposit, from which they are taken every two weeks upon request made by the Catalog.
    Consultation requests can be made in person in the library or by calling 02.2392667. The theses will be available in the library from the sixth day following the taking. It is advisable to contact the library to confirm the availability of the thesis. Below is the calendar of terms within which to make the request:

    January: tuesday 9th; 23rd
    February: tuesday 6th; 20th
    March:  tuesday 5th; 19th
    April: tuesday 2nd; 16th
    May: tuesday 7th; 21st
    June: tuesday 4th; 18th
    July: tuesday 2nd; 16th
    September: tuesday 3rd; 17th
    October: tuesday 1st15th; 29th
    November: tuesday 12th26th
    December: tuesday 10th

  • photocopy and scanner machines: 3 self-service machines are available at the basement, one of which in colour. The cards are put up for sale at the loan desk. You cannot photocopy antique and valuable materials, damaged books and large format books;
  • rooms for study and research groups: 3 rooms are available in the basement. The reservation is possible through the app Afluences. More information;
  • rooms for individual study: 2 mobile workstations (wallet) and 4 litte rooms for individual study (carrels) are available in the basement. The reservation is possible through the app Affluence. More information;
  • from workstations in the library you can access Politecnico websites, catalogues and subscribed electronic resources (e-journals, databases, e-books).

If you need support or further information:

The Leonardo Campus Library was born in 2017, and it is  the result of the confluence of different collections:

  • the collection from the ex Central Architecture Library: italian and foreign scientific works mainly dedicated to architecture, art, town planning, design, interior design, landscapes, restoration and museology.
    There are also the texts adopted and recommended for graduate courses in the school of architecture.
  • the most used part of the collection from the ex Central Engineering library: italian and foreign scientific works on, engineering, applied sciences, pure sciences, statistics, history, industrial history.
    There are also the texts adopted and recommended for graduate courses in the schools of Engineering.
  • the collections from the ex department libraries.
  • the cartographic material previously stored at TeDOC.

Books published from 1970 (shelfmark BCA) are located on open shelves on the basis of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).
A lot of journals are available, some of which on current subscription.
A selection of journals is available on open shelves.

Historical Section includes general reference works, books published until 1969, books in big format, rare and valuable books, out of print books. This section includes also some journals.

You can find all books and journals available in the library searching the catalogue or using the discovery tool BIBLIOSEARCH.

Head of Leonardo libraries and Poliprint Unit: Carmela Cirulli, ph. 02.2399.6934, e-mail:
Manager of Campus Life Division: Chiara Pesenti, ph. 02.2399.2428, e-mail 

Maria Benedetto - ph. 02.2399.2668 – e-mail
Vittorino Caliaro - ph. 02.2399.5520 – e-mail
Mariacristina Carlone - ph. 02.2399.8603 – e-mail
Giuseppina Colombo - ph. 02.2399.2689 – e-mail
Giancarlo Decò - ph. 02.2399.2684 – e-mail
Domenica Fiorentino - ph. 02.2399.7810 – e-mail
Elena Gambazza - ph. 02.2399.2691 – e-mail
Francesca Greco - ph. 02.2399.2230 – e-mail
Lucilla Lalumera - ph. 02.2399.2634 – e-mail
Stefania Lorusso - ph. 02.2399.2608 – e-mail
Isabella Montecchi - ph. 02.2399.2685 – e-mail
Barbara Montoli – ph. 02.2399.2680 – e-mail
Maria Grazia Petese - ph. 02.2399.2656 –  e-mail