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The Chiodi fonds (1871-1994)

1.  C. Chiodi, con G. Merlo e G. Brazzola, Tavola di studio per il progetto di piano regolatore e di ampliamento di Milano, concorso 1927
2.  C. Chiodi, Disegno di una stazione della metropolitana di Londra per le illustrazioni del manuale di Tecnica urbanistica, [1929-1935]
3.  C. Chiodi, con G. Merlo, Tavola per il progetto di piano regolatore e di ampliamento di Pavia, concorso 1933


Cesare Chiodi (1885 - 1969); Giuseppe Chiodi (1913 - 1994); Giuseppe Chiodi (1854 - 1907)

The Chiodi fonds documents relate principally to his professional engineering work, studies and teaching work as well as his training and non work related activities. The fonds contains a documentary nucleus relating to his and his son Giuseppe's professional and study work as engineers and architects and a small nucleus of papers relating to his father Giuseppe's engineering work. In particular in the context of Cesare Chiodi and his son Giuseppe's work the largest body of documents relates to their town planning studies and work.
Of particular importance is the material relating to Cesare Chiodi's town planning and regulatory work (1926-60), his commission based and study group work and conference, congress and meeting activities as well as writings and a great many first edition publications.

Held at the Archivi Storici since September 2011.

Additional documentation
The fonds inventory is published on Archivista and on the website Lombardia Archivi

Description in SIUSA and the SAN-Architecture portal.
The Chiodi book fonds is also of note (1822-1979) and can be consulted at the Bovisa Candiani Library. It comprises monographs, periodicals and maps (the catalogue can be consulted on the university OPAC using the alphabet strings relating to the various sections as research parameters: CHIODI B/LB, book section; CHIODI B/ED, published writings section, CHIODI B/CN and CHIODI A/CN, congress section; CHIODI B/PER IT and CHIODI B/PER ST, periodicals section; CHIODI B/CR, cartography section; CHIODI B/MT, map and tourism section).
The following publication, edited on the occasion of the first arrangement and organisation of the archive is also available: Secondo Francesco Lucchini (ed.), Archivio Cesare Chiodi. Materiali e letture, Bologna, Progetto Leonardo, 1994.