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Electronic resources on subscription

General information about access

The Politecnico libraries subscribe to several publishers to allow access to different types of online resources.

  • if you are inside Politecnico you can access the online resouurces on your computer using WI-FI or from the workstations available in the libraries
  • if you are outside Politecnico you have to configure your browser and set the proxy credentials which are different from your university credentials. 

The proxy may be used by Politecnico institutional users. 
Instructions on proxy service

Institutional users have the right to access and to use the electronic resources for a personal research and study purpose.

You are not allowed to use any robots, spiders, crawlers or other automated
downloading programmes, algorithms or devices that systematically and continuously search, scrape, extract, deep link insertion, index or disrupt the working of the resourrces.

E-journals, articles, e-books

Search for an e-journal
You can search the e-journal in the search engine BIBLIOSEARCHby entering the title or you can search it in the A-Z list of electronic journalson subscription by enetering even only some significant journal title's words.

Search for an article
You can search the article in the search engine BIBLIOSEARCH by entering the title or some significant article title's words. If the journal in which the article is published is on subscription you can view the article in full-text.
If you don't find the article, you can try to search the journal in which the article is published in the A-Z list of electronic journalson subscription.  

Search for an e-book
You can search the e-book in the search engine BIBLIOSEARCH by entering the title and the author or you can search ot in the A-Z list of e-books available by enetering even only some significant e-book title's words,.

The following e-books are not included in the A-Z list: 

To make the download/digital lending of e-books provided by EBSCOHost and Proquest EBOOK central please follow these procedures:

EBSCO eBooks - Tutorial

Proquest EBOOK central

E-books Wiley - trial until al 31/01/2021

Until 31st January 2021 we have a trial access to a selection of over 5000 e-books published by Wiley from 2016 to 2020.   
At the end of the trial it will be possible to select the titles of interest for perpetual access.
"Reference Works" are excluded from trial access.

Here you find the list of activated titles.
The list will be updated monthly with new releases.
Trial titles are not included in the e-books' A-Z list and they cannot be searched through BIBLIOSEARCH.
Remember that if you are outside Politecnico you can view the elecronic resources only configuring the proxy on your browser and setting the proxy credentials, which are different from your university credentials. 
Instructions on proxy service

Information on the collection's content and how to use it:
Access to e-books is reserved for institutional users, in unlimited numbers.
By accessing Wiley's Online Library platform, you can:

  • view the full text of the e-books
  • download the entire e-book or individual chapters in pdf
  • print, copy and paste the text

The e-books without Digital Rights Management (DRM) can be used without restriction on your computer and on any mobile device capable of reading the pdf format.

The main thematic areas are:

Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food Science
Architecture & Plannin
Art & Applied Arts
Business, Economics, Finance & Accounting
Computer Science  & Information Technology
Earth, Space & Environmental Sciences
Law & Criminology
Life Sciences
Mathematics & Statistics
Nursing, Dentistry & Healthcare
Physical Sciences & Engineering
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Veterinary Medicine


You can view the A-Z list of online databases on subscription, choose the database that interests you and search in the single database.

Quick links to: Scopus and Web of Science

Some databases are queried through BIBLIOSEARCH, while others, for commercial reasons, cannot be searched through BIBLIOSEARCH, but only using directly the native interface. These databases are: AIDA, IEEE Xplore, JoVE, Leggi d'Italia Professionale, Lexis Nexis Academic, 
You find the access links in the A-Z list above.


Encyclopaedias and dictionaries

You can view the list of encyclopaedias or dictionaries on subscription, choose the tool that interests you and search in the single encyclopaedia or divtionary.

Technical standards

You can search the technical standards on subscription through two specific databases on subscription: 

Through the BSOL (British Standards Online) platform you will find the following techical standards:

  • EN published by CEN and CENELEC, transposed by BSI
  • ISO transposed by BSI
  • native BSI

Through ASTM Compass you will find the following techical standards:

  • ASTM
  • These 2 resources can be accessed from outside the Politecnico network via proxy.
  • Each file can be printed in accordance with the current regulations for the protection of copyright.

To view the UNI stadards you can go directly to the "Ente Nazionale di Normazione", in Milano, via Sannio 2 Ph. +39 0270024.1  
Remember that about the 80% of the UNI active standards are available as EN or ISO, and only the 6% of the standards yearly published are only UNI, without an equivalence EN or ISO.