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Historical Library

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano (building 9, firt floor, entrance B)


Services for the public: ph. 02.2399.4137

The access to the library is free also for external users, only to reading the books stored in the library. 

Open from Monday to Friday 10-12 am


  • the books stored in the Historical Library are available only for on site reading.
  • the consultation requests can be made directly in the library or by phone or via email. 
  • the books with shelfmark BS ATL, BS LEO, MASOTTI, FONDO are available only by reservation, writing to: These books will be available the following working day from 2 pm.
  • the books of the Historical Library cannot be photocopied due to conservation reasons.

If you need support or further information you can write to or toAsk@yourlibrary service


The Historical Library was founded in 2018 with the aim of collecting, conserving and enhancing the most ancient and precious library heritage of the Politecnico, particularly the books published from about 1500 to 1899.

These books constitute the foundations of the Milanese and Lombard polytechnic culture, with a rich section of illustrated manuals for the civil and industrial construction sector.

About 5000 books of the historical collections of Architecture and Engineering are stored on the shelves of the library reading room, divided into disciplinary sectors.

Some 18.000 books are located in a storehouse inside the campus: these are the collections of the University Historical Funds (Fondo Brioschi, Fondo Masotti, Ranza, Piola and Frisi), the books illustrated in large format (atlases), other collections divided by disciplinary sectors

You can find the books available in the library searching the catalogue or using the discovery tool BIBLIOSEARCH.

Head of Leonardo Libraries and Poliprint Unit: Carmela Cirulli, ph. 02.2399.6934, e-mail:
Manager of Campus Life Division: Chiara Pesenti, ph. 02.2399.2428, e-mail 

Maria Antonia Giambelli - ph. 02.2399.4731 - e-mail
Barbara Montoli - ph. 02.2399.2662 - e-mail
Rosa Pizzoli - ph. 02.2399.2682 - e-mail
Carmela Sciuto - ph. 02.2399.4137 - e-mail