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Request a document for consultation

Onsite reading

  • If the document you need is located in the library rooms, you can take it and read it freely, by taking it directly from the shelf.
  • If the document you need is located in the warehouses (sometimes even far from the library) and it is available for internal use only, you can request it from the catalogue by clicking the "consultation request" button or following instructions indicated in the red note.

When making the request pay attention to the conditions and availability times indicated in the catalogue.
You will find the required documents reserved in your name at the circulation desk.

If the "request for consultation" button is not active and there is no red note on the conditions of availability, you can request the document directly at the library's circulation desk.

How many online requests you can place
up to 5 consultation requests at a time in all libraries.

How long a consultation request last
from when you place the request you usually have 2 working days to collect the book.
The period may be longer if the document is stored in a warehouse away from the library: in this case you will find the information in the red note in the catalogue.
The day you make the request is counted, if it is a working day. 
You can always check the exact duration of the online request you've made in your personal area, under the heading "Loans".

Cancellation of the request and sanction
always delete from the Personal Area of the online catalogue the requests that are still valid, but no longer interest you.
There is a penalty for not collecting the requested documents.

Reading theses

Reading post-graduate and PhD theses: The post graduate theses are kept in a remote deposit, from which they are taken every two weeks upon request made by the Catalog. The theses will be available in the library from the sixth day following upon collection. Consultation can take place at any university library. It is advisable to contact the library to confirm the availability of the thesis. Below is the calendar of terms within which to make the request from the Catalog:

Reading post-graduate theses
Post-Graduate theses have been officially collected since the early 70's, for the School of Architecture and the Schools of Engineering. For Engineering, only the theses "with a supervisor" were collected until 2010. Since the July 2010 session all Post-Graduate theses have been collected in the online archive POLItesi. Bachelor theses are not available.

Reading PhD dissertations
PhD dissertations have been officially collected since 1986 and are available in accordance with the access option chosen by the author at the time of submission. Using an online procedure Politecnico transfers a copy of the theses filed in its archives to the National Libraries of Florence and Rome, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 11 of Ministerial Decree 224/1999 ("Regulations on PhDs"), where the thesis is processed according to the regulations at national level. Since 2012 PhD dissertations have been collected  in the online archive POLItesi.

In POLItesi the descriptive data is accessible to all users who consult the archive, while access to the full text of the theses is regulated by the option chosen by graduating students at the time of submission.
Publication of theses in the archive takes place within 60 days of the date of presentation.

If you are looking for a post-graduate thesis discussed before July 2010 or a PhD dissertation prior to 2012 you can search it in the catalogue.

If you don't know the date of the thesis you are looking for you can search it in BIBLIOSEARCH, by selecting the icon "thesis": by this way you will find both digital theses included in POLItesi and paper theses.

Theses are excluded from loan and may not be copied. They can only be read (in paper and / or digital format on the local network) in special rooms.

As original documents, the theses cannot be reproduced in any way pursuant to copyright law No. 633/1941. For further information see the guide on Theses and Copyright.

Users who do not comply with the regulations shall be subject to penalties


Reading cartographic material

Maps are subject to speific contractual constraints. Maps may therefore only be viewed by Politecnico  internal users. 
Further information


Reading archival documents

The access to Historical Archives is free also for external users.
For more information visit the page Historical Archives