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Bovisa La Masa Library - BBL

Via Lambruschini, 4 - 20156 Milano (La Masa Campus - building BL28, floor 2 and 3)



Services for the public: ph. 02.2399.8053

To access the library you always need your university ID card (Policard), which is stricly personal and non-transferable.  




For general information about library services visit the section Services

In particular:

  • Consultation of post-graduate and PhD theses:
    The post graduate theses are kept in a remote deposit, from which they are taken every two weeks upon request made by the Catalog. The theses will be available in the library from the sixth day following the taking. Consultation can take place at any university library.
    It is advisable to contact the library to confirm the availability of the thesis. Below is the calendar of terms within which to make the request from the Catalog:

    January: tuesday 9th; 23rd
    February: tuesday 6th; 20th
    March:  tuesday 5th; 19th
    April: tuesday 2nd; 16th
    May: tuesday 7th; 21st
    June: tuesday 4th; 18th
    July: tuesday 2nd; 16th
    September: tuesday 3rd; 17th
    October: tuesday 1st15th; 29th
    November: tuesday 12th26th
    December: tuesday 10th

They are available and bookable via the Affluences app:

  • rooms for study and research groups: 2 rooms are available on the third floor More information
  • workstations for individual study: 2 mobile workstations (wallets) are available on the first floor More information
  • a soundproof cabin is available on the first floor.

By the workstations of the library you can gain access to Politecnico website, catalogues and subscribed electronic resources (electronic journals, databases, e-books).

Self-service photocopy and scanner machines: It is possible to make photocopies and documents scan at Poliprint, building B4.

If you need support or further information:

The library possesses the texts indicated in the bibliographies of the official teaching programs including the complete library collection of  Energy, Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Departments.
In the library there are 24,000 documents, 11,000 are located on open shelves while in the Periodicals Room, there are approximately 200 magazines.

You can find all books and journals available in the library searching the catalogue or using the discovery tool BIBLIOSEARCH.

Head of Bovisa libraries and Acquisition Unit: Piero Ruggeri, ph. 02.2399.7175, e-mail
Manager of Campus Life Division: Chiara Pesenti, ph. 02.2399.2428, e-mail

Teresa Larosa - ph. 02.2399.8388 - e-mail
Emanuela Levi - e-mail
Cristina Vitali - ph. 02.2399.8388 - e-mail