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1. How can I access the library?

To access campus libraries you must always have your personal and non-transferable Policard with you, which must be activated in advance using the "Online Services > Data" application.

When you arrive at the entrance you have to place the card on the optical reader of the turnstile.

If you are an external user see the FAQ n. 14


2. How do I search for a book, a journal, a thesis or an electronic resource?

If you need to do a generic search, you can start from the BIBLIOSEARCH discovery tool on the home page, by selecting the "All resources" icon.

For further information a self-study course (MOOC) is also available.  The course provides you with a bibliographic and document research methodology, and is accessible on this web page:


3. How can I request a book on loan?

You can ask for a book on loan directly from the Catalogue or through the Polimi library app, by clicking on the “Loan Request” link.  You can pick it up at the desk the next day or according to the deadlines indicated.

If you have made the request the same day you have to go to the shelf and take the book by yourself and then register the loan at the circulation desk or at the selfcheck station.


4. How can I ask for a document that is not available in the library?

If you need:

  • a book that is in the library of a campus of Politecnico other than the one you frequent, you can request the inter-system loan service by contacting the Library,
  • a book that is in libraries of other universities, in Italian or foreign institutions, you can use the interlibrary loan service (ILL - Inter Library Loan) by accessing your Personal Area of ​​the Catalogue, clicking on "ILL Loan> Request" and filling in the related request fields.

If you want to find copies of articles, or parts of books, not owned by the libraries of Politecnico, but present in libraries of other Italian or foreign universities and institutions, you can use the Document Delivery (DD) service.

For details regarding the methods of request:


5. I cannot come and collect a book that I have reserved - can I delegate someone?

The loan is personal. The book can be picked up by another person only with a written and signed authorization, with a photocopy of the identity document of the delegating party. The delegate must show his own identity document. You may find the Delegation form here


6. How long does a loan last? Can I extend it?

The loan lasts 4 weeks, 3 weeks for inter-system loans. You can only renew it if the book has not been booked by another user in the meantime.

The renewal lasts 4 weeks and is possible from the third day before the expiration, when you receive the notice, and up to the day of the expiration itself.

2 renewals are allowed with a duration of 4 weeks each


7. I have to return a book - can I take it back to any Politecnico library?

The return can be made at the desk in any Library or by depositing the book in the "return box" located in all the libraries


8. What happens if I return a book late?

If you have not returned the book when the loan expires, you will receive a reminder email. Starting from the fourth working day of delay you will be automatically disabled in all libraries if you have not extended the loan. You will not be able to access any kind of service until you have regularized your position


9. How do you access electronic resources (books, e-journals, databases, etc.)?

You can search directly by the BIBLIOSEARCH search engine, or accessing the "Tools" section and then "Electronic resources", where additional search criteria are indicated:

Remember that if you are outside the Politecnico area you can access the online resources following the procedures indicated on the "Proxy service and federated access" page, but only if you are an institutional user:


10. Who can I contact if I need help for bibliographic research?

You can use the Reference service by contacting the desk, or remotely via the TEAMS platform by reservation


11. Who can I contact for a support in submitting the thesis?

You may find information and assistance on the online repository of the master's degree thesis inside the webpage dedicated to it at the following link:


12. How can the study rooms be booked?

The group study rooms with different capacities are located in the three campus libraries, and can be booked through the Affluences app, which can be downloaded from the main Stores.

The rooms cannot be booked and used by external users


13. Can I make photocopies?

In the Leonardo Campus Library there are 3 copy machines in the basement, which work with cards purchasable at the loan desk.

Alternatively, for materials you can bring outside the library you can go to the Poliprint store.

No photocopiers are available on site at the Bovisa La Masa Library and the Bovisa Candiani Library, but you can go to the Poliprint shop (ed. B4 - Campus Durando)


14. I am not a Politecnico user - can I access the library?

Access is permitted to external users upon the payment of a fee.

You can find all the information on the registration procedures inside the specific webpage of our site at the following link:

Wi-fi access is permitted to external users belonging to federated IDEM and Eduroam entities.

External users cannot access the electronic resources or consult the cartographic material


15. I would like to make a purchase proposal / I would like to donate books to the library - what can I do?

You can suggest the purchase of a book that is not in the library by filling out the form accessible from the Catalogue or through the Polimi library app.

If you want to donate a book (new or in excellent condition) you can bring it directly to the loan desk of one of the campus libraries. The University Archive and Library System reserves the right to evaluate the materials proposed for donation on the basis of their consistency with the development policy of the collection, the relationship with the works already owned and the availability of space.

For large donation proposals you can refer to the specific Policy