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Encyclopaedias and dictionaries

Print Encyclopaedias

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Online version of the work with the complete text of over 118,000 articles, more than 24,000 images and 1600 interactive maps.
The current edition also includes the Britannica Student Encyclopedia, Concise Encyclopaedia, Britannica Internet Guide, with a link to over 200,000 controlled web sites, Britannica Yearbooks (1994-2002), the complete text of the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Rand McNally's New Millennium World Atlas.

Encyclopaedia of Computational Mechanics

Published in 3 volumes by Wiley in 2004.

Encyclopaedia of Materials: Science and Technology

Compiled by K. H. Jurgen Buschov et al and published by Elsevier in 11 volumes in 2001.

Encyclopaedia of Telecommunications

Compiled by John. G. Proakis and published by Wiley in 5 volumes in 2003.

Major Reference Work

Significant encyclopaedias and multidisciplinary reference works published by Elsevier:

Wiley Encyclopaedia of Biomedical Engineering

Compiled by Metin Akay, published by Wiley in 6 volumes.