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The OnArchitecture database has renewed the access platform

OnArchitecture is an audiovisual archive focused on art, architecture and design: a collection of over 600 videos, produced since 2007, offer a broad and critical panorama of the built environment.

It is an innovative tool that has been completely revised in the graphics and in the way of displaying digital content, making the most of recent multimedia technologies, such as video streaming.

The collection offers videos of interviews with influential contemporary architects from around the world, dealing with topics such as the design process, the role of artists and professionals, as well as architecture in contemporary society.

The interviews are complete with video portraits of the main projects, both buildings and installations, and try to capture the physical experience of the spaces they portray, involving the viewer in an immersive experience. The technical specifications of the works are illustrated, as well as project briefs and company profiles.

In addition, there are updated biographies of architects and designers whose works are present in the database.