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2 maggio 2022



Editors Eugenia Gasparri, Arianna Brambilla, Gabriele Lobaccaro, Francesco Goia, Annalisa Andaloro, Alberto Sangiorgio

Woodhead Publishing 


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Rethinking Building Skins: Transformative Technologies and Research Trajectories provides a comprehensive collection of the most relevant and forward-looking research in the field of façade design and construction today, with a focus on both product and process innovation. The book brings together the expertise, creativity, and critical thinking of more than fifty global innovators from both academia and industry, to guide the reader in translating research into practice. It identifies new opportunities for the construction sector to respond to present challenges, towards a more sustainable, efficient, connected, and safe future. Introduces the reader to the role of façades with respect to the main challenges ahead; Provides an overview of the major façade technological advancements throughout history and identifies prospective research trajectories; Includes interviews with key industry players from different backgrounds and expertise; Showcases a comprehensive range of leading research topics in the field, organised by product and process innovation; Covers major innovations across the value chain including façade design, fabrication, construction, operation and maintenance, and end-of-life; Contributes towards the definition of an international research agenda and identifies emerging market opportunities for the façade industry.

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