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Emerald, Springer and Wiley: vouchers for the open access publications

The availability of the vouchers 2021 for the Open Access publications, foreseen by the Springer contract, ran out for this year already in October. As regards the Emerald and Wiley contracts we have been informed by CRUI that the available vouchers could run out by the end of November.
   When the 2021 Emerald and Wiley vouchers are finished, the authors may publish in Open Access until the 31st December 2021 only by direct payment of the APC, or in the traditional way according to the rules foreseen by the two publishers.
    From 1st January 2022 the tally of the available vouchers will start over, and it will be possible to publish again in Open Access without any direct expense from the author.
    For further information you can write to