In the Milano libraries, there are self-service photocopying machines available for the photocopying of parts of documents. There is a charge for this service.

Where to buy photocopy cards and how much they cost

At the Leonardo Campus Library and Durando Campus Library you can buy pay-as-you-go photocopy cards of a value of 5 euro from a vending machine located close to the photocopiers.

The cost of a black and white photocopy is 0.04 euro; the cost of a colour photocopy is 0.16 euro.

The cards can be used with all of the photocopiers in the Milan ASBA libraries.

What you can photocopy 

Photocopying must always take place in accordance with the current legislation on copyright (L.633/41 as amended, in particular Italian law 248/00 and DLGS no. 68 of 9 April 9 2003).

You may not photocopy rare and precious works, ancient books and reference materials, damaged or bound periodicals, or works that may deteriorate due to their size and characteristics.

On this subject we recommend carefully reading the = apre un link interno nella finestra correnteCopyright Handbook