Montedison Historical Library

General information

The Montedison library documents are stored in an external storehouse at Sesto Ulteriano.
You can borrow them or read them onsite in your favourite campus library.


Loan and reference

  • loans: only monographs published since 1960, in good condition
  • reference only: monographs published before 1960 or in poor condition, and journals. 

Documents are available to users on request, by sending an e-mail to  apre una finestra per invio e-mail biblioteca.storica.montedison(at), indicating:

  • in the e-mail subject: "BSM reservation"
  • your full name and your person code ? if you are a Politecnico member
  • the Poitecnico library where you want to receive the documents
  • the following bibliographical information available in the online catalogue: - - for requests of books: TITLE, SHELFMARK, INVENTORY NUMBER
    - for requests of journals: TITLE, SHELFMARK, PUBLICATION YEAR, issue number.

The documents will be available within 3 working days from when the confirmation notice is sent via e-mail and no more than 6 working days from when the request is submitted.

For External users: 

  • loans: available with the purchase of a pass, starting with the 25.00 Euros monthly pass, which allows for 5 volumes to be borrowed at a time   
  • reference: for a fee of 11.00 Euros users can consult up to five volumes or years at a time; for requests over this limit an additional fee of 11.00 Euros will apply for each five volumes or years requested.

Photocopying is allowed only if the document is in good state of conservation.

Description of the library's archives

The Biblioteca Storica Montedison, at the time of its closure in 1981, consisted of about 290,000 volumes (including monographs and vintage bound periodicals) related to a variety of disciplines, mainly on pure and applied science, technology, law and social sciences. The estate was divided between the Milan universities including Bocconi, Cattolica, the State university and the Politecnico, which was given the majority of the scientific and technical works and related periodicals. The collection acquired by the Politecnico di Milano consists of approximately 45,500 monograph volumes and 2207 magazine titles covering a period from the late nineteenth century to the second half of the twentieth century.