Onsite use

Consulting books and journals

  • Open shelf Libraries: you can freely consult the material without limits.
  • Closed shelf Libraries (books located in storerooms): you can request up to 5 documents at a time directly from the catalogue or at the loans desk. You must show ID when collecting the documents.


For Libraries where documents are located in storerooms, you can place your request through the apre un link esterno in una nuova finestraUniversity catalogue: click the button "request consultation", log in and confirm.

The documents requested will be available and reserved on your behalf as stated in the confirmation message. In some libraries you can collect the required documents immediately. In others, their availability may only be guaranteed the following day.
If the documents happen to be stored some distance from the site, they may only become available after a few days.

You can submit up to 5 requests at a time at the ASAB libraries.

2 working days - unless otherwise stated in the catalogue. The day you make the request is counted, if it is a working day.
The requested documents must be collected at the loans desk, where the loan will be registered.

Always cancel from the Personal Area of the catalogue requests that are still valid, but no longer interest you.

= apre un link interno nella finestra correntePenalty for not collecting the documents requested

The consultation request service is not available for external users with only a 1 day pass.

Consulting Master's and PhD Theses

Master's and PhD theses can be searched through apre un link esterno in una nuova finestraSEARCH

The descriptive information is accessible to all users who carry out a search, while the access to the documents is determined by the option chosen by the graduates when they submitted the material. For a guide on use please see the service/library page.

You can find further information at:= apre un link interno nella finestra corrente Degree and PhD theses

This type of material  can only be read (in printed and/or digital format) in special rooms; it cannot be loaned. As original documents, the theses cannot be reproduced in any way pursuant to copyright law No. 633/1941.
For further information see the guide on Theses and Copyright.

Users who do not comply with the regulations shall be subject to = apre un link interno nella finestra correntepenalties.

Consulting maps

Maps form part of a series of document types that are subject to specific contractual constraints (such as, for example, access to electronic resources via proxy from home). Maps may therefore only be viewed by internal users.