Intra-University Loans

This service, also known as "intersystem loan", enables you to request and obtain books from the Politecnico libraries that are located in other campuses.

The service is not available to external users enabled for periods of less than 3 months.
For teachers and researchers The book on your desk Service is also available.

Permitted quantities

up to 5 requests at the same time from the territorial campuses libraries 
up to 2 requests at the same time from the Milano libraries
Alumni can make only 1 request

How to make requests 

  • personally at the loans desk of the library where you want to collect the book
  • by phone at the loans desk of the library where you want to collect the book

Waiting time and collection

2-3 days after the request you will be informed by e-mail of the book?s arrival at the library.
You must collect the book in the library where you made the request within 5 working days.

Loan duration

20 days from collecting the book at the library.

Expiry warning

3 days prior to the due date a warning email and/or sms will be sent to remind you to return or renew your loan.


The book must be returned to the library from which it was collected


If you haven't returned your book by the due date, you will receive a reminder email.
If you still haven't returned it after 4 days, you will no longer be able to access any ASAB library services, until you have rectified the situation.

Reader status 

You can always check the status of your loans in the Personal Area accessible from the University catalogue.

Renewing an intra-university loan

The renewal of an intra-university loan cannot be made online: it must be requested at the library and is granted at the discretion of the lending library (owner of the book).

2 weeks

How to renew

  • by telephone (see the individual library sites)
  • in person at the library desk

After requesting a renewal, remember to check in your personal area if the renewal has been accepted or denied,

When to renew
from between the third day before the expiry date and the actual deadline.
For example: if a loan expires on the 15th, the loan will be renewable from the 12th until the 15th.

Penalties for late returns

Penalties are applied when books are returned more than 3 working days after the due date.
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Penalties for not collecting books

You will be unable to use the ASAB library services for 2 weeks if you do not collect the book within 5 working days after receivnig the notification by email.
This penalty cannot be revoked by paying a fine.

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Cancelling a request

An Inter-University loan request cannot be cancelled  from the Personal Area of the University catalogue.

Cancellations may be requested by phoning the loans desk within 5 working days of the book arriving at the library.