Inter Library Loans (ILL)

The InterLibrary Loan service - ILL enables:

  • Politecnico students to loan items possessed by the libraries of other Italian or overseas universities and institutions
  • external libraries and libraries belonging to Italian and foreign cultural institutions the possibility of loaning items possessed by the ASAB university libraries.

Service for Politecnico users

  • The ILL lending service retrieves documents not owned by the campus libraries for its users ( = apre un link interno nella finestra correnteinternal, = apre un link interno nella finestra correnteexternal and  = apre un link interno nella finestra correntealumni  who have purchased a pass for at least 1 month).

The service is subject to the payment of a rate using the methods indicated in Expenses (see below)

Permitted quantities
up to 5 requests at the same time from ASAB libraries.
In Milano campuses libraries you can make only 2 requests at a time, until these are processed by the library.
Also intra-university loan requests are included In the number of 5 contemporary requests permitted
Alumni can make only 1 request.

How to make requests

  • make sure the documents are not present in the University catalogue
  • login to the catalogue Personal Area
  • in the box "Inter-library services" (the last one in the lower right side of the page) select "request"
  • choose a library from those available in the drop-down menu
  • fill in the online form

NB: the request cannot be cancelled once made.

Waiting times and collection
You will be notified promptly by email once the book arrives at the library.
You must collect the book from the library chosen on the request form.
You may only withdraw the material by handing over the payment receipt of the rate requested for expenses.

For every document requested a fee of euro 7.00 (*) is applied to cover postage and any refund required by the lending library.

NB: payment must only be made after receiving e-mail notification of the arrival of the required materials.
Alternative methods of payment:

  • payment in cash at the cashier points located at the service desk in the following libraries:

Leonardo Campus Library - building 11
Durando  Campus Library - Bovisa Campus, building B1
Bovisa Engineering Library- Bovisa Campus building BL28

  • bank transfer using the inizia il downolad del file payment form supplied, completing and printing in duplicate form
  • postal order made payable to: Politecnico di Milano - Servizio ILL - piazza L. da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano indicating in the "communications " area: Rimborso spese prestito ILL n° ... [indicate the loan request number].

(*) any costs incurred for material provided by commercial entities (e.g.: British Library Document Supply Centre, INTS etc.) or non-European institutions or centres are added to the standard rate and must be paid in full by the user.

Loan duration and renewal

The conditions, duration and eventual renewal of the loan are established by the lending library.


The book must be returned to the library from which it was taken out.

You are required to return books in the same condition as they were when you withdrew them. In the event of damage or loss you must arrange for their replacement. More information on the = apre un link interno nella finestra correnteLoss or theft page


If you haven't returned your book by the due date, you will receive a reminder email.
If you still haven't returned it after 4 days, you will no longer be able to access any ASBA library services, until you have rectified the situation by returning the overdue documents.

Penalties for late returns

Penalties are applied when books are returned more than 3 working days after the due date.  = apre un link interno nella finestra correnteFurther information

Penalties for not collecting books

You will be unable to use the ASBA library services for 30 days if you do not collect the book within 5 working days of receiving notification and you will also have to pay the expenses rate.
This penalty cannot be revoked by paying a fine. = apre un link interno nella finestra correnteFurther information

Service for External Libraries

This service enables Italian and foreign libraries and cultural institutions to borrow the Politecnico ?s bibliographical materials for study and research purposes.

The service is provided exclusively to libraries. Requests cannot be accepted from private parties. They must refer to their own library.

Permitted quantities 

Libraries are allowed to make a maximum of 5 requests per week for a maximum of 5 documents at a time.

How to make a request

Requests for material available through the ILL service must be submitted via theapre un link esterno in una nuova finestra online form

Delivery methods and timeframes

Request materials are sent out between 3 and 7 working days after they become available. The materials are sent by registered mail or courier.

Loan duration

15 days from the date the book is received.
The book must be returned to the lending library via registered mail or courier.
The requesting library is responsible for the documents received until they are returned to their owners.


It is possible to request a renewal for further 15 days.
The renewal can be granted only if the text has not been requested by another user. 

Service refund

The interlibrary loan service:

  • is free on reciprocal basis among Universities Libraries that mutually agree that no additional costs will be added

  • involves an expenses refund: an 11 euro fee for every volume lent to municipal libraries, private libraries, libraries belonging to cultural bodies and all libraries, including university libraries, that request expense refunds.

Expense refund payments can be made via:

  • postal order made payable to: Politecnico di Milano - Servizio ILL - L. da Vinci 32 - 20133 Milano indicating : ILL loan request ... [indicate number of request] in the "communications" area.


Upon returning the document, the requesting library must attach a copy of the service payment receipt.
The shipping costs for the return of the books are at the expense of the requesting library. Returns must take place by registered mail or courier, to the address of the lending library.
Sono comunque a carico della biblioteca richiedente le spese di spedizione per la restituzione dei documenti, che deve avvenire tramite posta raccomandata, pacco celere o corriere, all'indirizzo della biblioteca prestante.

Works excluded from the service

  • works not eligible for home loans as indicated in the catalogue - OPAC
  • encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, directories etc.
  • text books used for exams
  • monographs printed in the last two years
  • degree and PhD theses
  • journals
  • texts in bad condition
  • maps
  • loaned materials
  • materials dating to before 1960