Application of the policy

What type of documents is the policy applied to?

The policy is applied to scientific articles. By using the definition of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the scientific articles are scientific contributions that describe the results of the research and that the authors publish for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, without any plan for payment. 

These articles are generally published in magazines or conference papers after being reviewed by a scientific committee.

Many written products are not included in this specific notion of scientific article, such as books, advertising articles, commercial articles, narrative and poetry, encyclopaedia entries, short-lived writings, pamphlets, video conferences or other works protected by copyright; the Open Access policy has not been devised to be aimed at this type of works.

Which version of the publication is entered in the institutional archive?

For articles published in Open Access Magazine: the final post print publishable version of the article produced by the author, with all the modification made using the review process and with formatting by the publisher.

In the case of the article published in a traditional subscription journal: the digital version allowed by the publisher (post print Draft or publishable post print version).

It is important to remember to always check the publisher's policy on self-archiving.

Does the policy also apply to articles that have already been published?

No. The policy is not applied to articles filed before entry into force of the policy (1st October 2014) or articles for which agreements have been stipulated with the publisher that are not compatible with the policy in the period prior to adopting the policy itself. 

The policy is not applied to articles written after leaving the Politecnico di Milano.

Is the policy applied to articles with several authors?

Yes. Each co-author of an article maintains the copyright of the article and, individually, has the authority to grant a non-exclusive licence to the Politecnico. In the event that only one of them asks to waive the policy, the article will remain reserved and with closed access.

Which is the procedure for inserting attachments in UGOV Ricerca?

The University open access work group has written a document called Inserting attachments in UGOV Ricerca (italian version)

Here you can read in a schematic way the steps of inserting attachments in UGOV Ricerca, in order to publish in OA on the University repository Re.Public.

For more information you can contact the group writing to openaccess(at)