External users

External users are those who do not have any affiliation with the Politecnico.

External users must pay to enter the libraries.

Visiting professors and visiting PhD students can access the libraries for free upon request to the Department.
Retired teachers may be allowed to access the libraries by apllying to their department.
Administrative and technical staff may be allowed to access the libraries by applying to the library manager.

Paid passes

External users can buy a pass that entitles them to access the libraries and use their services for a specific period of time:

  • Annual pass: 100.00 euro
  • Half-yearly pass: 70.00 euro
  • Quarterly pass: 50.00 euro
  • Monthly pass: 25.00 euro
  • Day pass: 5.00 euro

Where to buy the pass

  • Leonardo Campus:  Leonardo Campus Library
  • Bovisa Campus: Bovisa Candiani Library and Bovisa La Masa Library

It is necessary to fill out the form for external users with your details and present an identification document.

Anyone who buys a pass which lasts at least a month can take advantage of the services in the same way as internal users, except for certain limitations: 

  • they cannot access electronic resources via proxy from home
  • they cannot consult maps on the premises

Anyone who buys a day pass can access the library and use the consultation service (only with materials on the premises).

For more details read the = apre un link interno nella finestra correnteService Charter

Temporary pass

Those who buy a pass lasting at least a month are given a temporary magnetic card to access libraries equipped with turnstiles.

At the end of this period, the temporary pass must be returned.

Visiting professors and visiting PhD students are assigned temporary passes by their host department.