Alumni are students who have qualified from the Politecnico with an undergraduate degree, PhD, or Master of Science's.

Politecnico graduates can access the services in accordance with the following conditions:

  • they can have 1 external loan at a time from all the libraries of the University library services
  • they can only make 1 renewal
  • they can make 1 borrowing request and 1 online reservation at a time
  • they can make 1 intra-university loan request and 1 interlibrary loan at a time
  • they can make 1 document delivery request at a week
  • they cannot access electronic resources remotely via proxy
  • they cannot consult maps

Alumni are automatically enabled to use the library services.

To access the libraries equipped with turnstiles you must carry the magnetic card.
Those who have the old Policard can continue using it.
Those that don't have the Policard can ask for the temporary card (TempPolicard) directly at the library.
The green card that was sent to graduates is not magnetic, and therefore does not work at the turnstiles.