Service Charter

The Service Charter describes the ways the services are provided, the aim being to improve and encourage the relationship between Archives and Library System Area and its students. It represents our commitment to attain excellence in performance and to projects designed to guarantee improvements.

The Service Charter is being updated.

Vision and Mission


To act as a reference point for the information requirements of the Politecnico community through a coordinated network of services.


  • Provide support and make a qualified contribution to Politecnico research and teaching activities in accordance with the University quest for excellence.
  • Guarantee an integrated and efficient system of services, tools and professional resources in terms of library services and information documents.
  • Respond to the needs of students, the academic and professional community, businesses and Public Administration


  • The supervision of the processes related to managing innovation and the    development of library and information services
  • The selection, acquisition, organization, dissemination and availability of scientific and technical information in all formats with promptness and quality
  • The promotion of the best use of information resources and services
  • The availability of qualified personnel in a welcoming and technologically advanced setting
  • The enhancement of the university legacy of knowledge
  • The integration of the University services and facilities


  • User-oriented
  • Focus on improvement and innovation
  • Technological innovation
  • Ensuring pluralism: differences as a source of cultural wealth
  • Equal opportunities in accessing information
  • Commitment and professionalism
  • Flexible approach
  • Friendly environment
  • Helpful atmosphere
  • Flexible organisation and respect for initiatives
  • Updating and continuous training
  • Promotion and motivation of human resources