Subscribed standards

Through the BSOL (British Standards Online) platform you will find the following techical standards:

  • EN published by CEN and CENELEC, transposed by BSI
  • ISO transposed by BSI
  • native BSI

Through ASTM Compass you will find the following techical standards:

  • ASTM


  • These 2 resources can be accessed from outside the Politecnico network via proxy.
  • Each file can be printed in accordance with the current regulations for the protection of copyright.

UNI standards: how to find them

From January 2015 the UNI standards are not accessible through IHS platform.
Among the 28.000 UNI astandards active, about 22.500 are UNI EN (in english) and UNI ISO.
So, about the 80% of the UNI active standards are available as EN or ISO, and only the 6% of the standards yearly published are only UNI, without an equivalence EN or ISO.

To view the UNI stadards you can go directly to the "Ente Nazionale di Normazione", in Milano, via Sannio 2 Ph. +39 0270024.1