Post-graduate theses and PhD

Post-Graduate theses

Post-Graduate theses have been officially collected since the early 70's, for the School of Architecture and the Schools of Engineering. For Engineering, only the theses "with a supervisor" were collected until 2010. Since the July 2010 session all Post-Graduate theses have been collected.
Bachelor theses, collected only for the School of Architecture until 2011, are not available.

PhD theses

PhD theses have been officially collected since 1986 and are available in accordance with the access option chosen by the author at the time of submission.

Using an online procedure Politecnico transfers a copy of the theses filed in its archives to the National Libraries of Florence and Rome, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 11 of Ministerial Decree 224/1999 ("Regulations on PhDs"), where the thesis is processed according to the regulations at national level.

Search via SEARCH

You can search all the theses using SEARCH, the University Library Services discovery tool.
Selecting "Theses" in the drop down resource menu you can search among all the theses collected by the Politecnico di Milano, in both paper and digital format, regardless of the date of presentation.

Online consultation of theses presented AFTER 2010/2012

POLItesi is the online archive of Politecnico of Milano theses.
The archive includes:

  • Master of Science (equivalent to Laurea Specialistica-Magistrale) theses   starting from the session of July 2010
  • PhD theses starting from 2012

The descriptive data is accessible to all users who consult the archive, while access to the full text of the theses is regulated by the option chosen by graduating students at the time of submission.
Publication of theses in the archive takes place within 60 days of the date of presentation.
For further information on accessibility options and on the Archive, read the FAQ

On site consultation of theses presented BEFORE 2010/2012

You can search the paper theses in the University Catalogue
Information on possible limitations of consultation and on the campus where each thesis is stored is indicated in the catalogue card.
Theses are excluded from loan and may not be copied.