Online Theses submission and assistance

Post-graduate theses: you can watch a short video tutorial on the online thesis submission procedure.

PhD theses: go to the website of PhD School

Registration for the Master of Science (equivalent to Laurea Specialistica-Magistrale) examination and session calendar

Before submitting the thesis you must first be registered for the degree exam session.
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Preparation of the thesis and online submission in POLITesi

  • To find out about the preparation rules and all the instructions for submission of the thesis:

Graduating students are invited to consult their institutional inbox ( for communications concerning thesis submission and approval and to keep in touch with their supervisor in the period between submission and the deadline for approval of the thesis.

Theses and Authors Rights

The copyright law is the set of moral and economic rights provided for and granted to the author by the existing legislation on intellectual property.
Law no. 633/1941 and subsequent amendments identify: the subjects of the right (the authors), the object (protected works), economic exploitation rights, moral rights, the duration, the exceptions and limitations (free uses), the transfer of economic exploitation rights (principles and the various types of contract).

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Courses  are periodically organised on "Bibliographic citations and bibliography management". For further information please visit: