The section includes technical and thematic cartography and urban plans:

  • historical cartography of the Municipality of Milano
  • different versions of technical and thematic cartography of the Municipality of Milano
  • General Town Plan of the City of Milano from 1884 to 1998
  • technical and thematic cartography from Regione Lombardia (years 1980 and 1994)
  • technical and thematic cartography of various Italian regions and municipalities
  • cartography of the Istituto Geografico Militare (IGM, Military Geographical Institute) in different historical periods
  • georeferenced statistical databases To search among the materials, use search cartography

To search among the materials, use GeoData@Polimi

It's possible to download digital cartography ( ,  ) while for the paper maps (  ) you will be redirect to the Library Catalogue. Take note on "Collocazione" and "Inventario" that are the useful data for the request of the paper maps at the Library Front Desk.



The Archive and Library System has developed a geoportal for the geographical search of cartographic materials and the download of digital ones. GeoData@Polimi allows the user to zoom in on the area of interest (or key in the name of the location or address) and view, as in a core drill, the "stratigraphy" of the cartographic documents representing that portion of the region; subsequently, the user can select the materials to be downloaded. For the time being, most of the cartography of the Municipality of Milano and of Regione Lombardia can be searched and downloaded on Geodata@Polimi

For the materials not yet available on GeoData, look at search cartography

Geodata@Polimi is based on the open source software OpenGeoPortal (OGP) developed by Tufts University in collaboration with Harvard and MIT. Numerous other US universities adhere to this project and its development. Politecnico di Milano is the first European and Italian partner to be part of this Federation.


How to cite cartography

Like every documents useful for a research, also maps and cartography should be correctly cited. You can find useful information in the following pages:

Access to cartographic resources is permitted only to active institutional users of the University.