Lecco Campus Library

General Information

Via Previati, 1/c - 23900 Lecco - building 8 - Mappa

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Services for the public: 0341.488759 - 02.23998759, 0341.488750 - 02.23998750

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Email:  apre una finestra per invio e-mailbiblioteca.lecco(at)polimi.it
Manager: Flaminia Tonello - apre una finestra per invio e-mail flaminia.tonello(at)polimi.it


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Opening Hours

Room on the ground floor
(reading books and journals, circulation desk, individual study)
Monday to Friday 9 am - 9.30 pm
Saturday 9 am - 6 pm

Room on the first floor
(individual study)
Monday to Friday 9 am 9.30 pm
Saturday 9 am - 6 pm


For more information about library services (loans, renewals, intra-university loans, inter-library loans, document delivery) visit the general section of the website http://www.biblio.polimi.it/en/services/

Please note that

  • the onsite use of books and journals is allowed also to users from other Universities or external organisations showing an ID card. Users may freely access shelves. Books must be places on the trolleys provided or delivered to the circulation desk, not put back on the shelves
  • you may view the post graduate theses submitted in the Lecco Campus Library until July 2010. You may consult up to 5 theses by requesting them at the circulation desk and showing their ID card
  • you may borrow up to 5 books at the same time for 4 weeks
  • there is a machine for automatically signing out books, working with the user's personal badge

From workstations in the library you can access Politecnico websites, catalogues and subscribed eletronic resources (electronic journals, databases, e-books ...)

Description of the library's archives

The Lecco Campus library is geared towards the research and educational needs concerning the courses that take place in the Campus. There are about 8500 books - about 7500 located on open shelf on the basis of the Dewey Decimal Classification, about 40 journals on subscription and about 500 theses submitted until 2010.

You can find all books and journals available in the library searching the online catalogue or using the discovery tool SEARCH