Historical Archives

General Information

72 Via Candiani - 20158 Milan (Bovisa Durando Campus - building B1) - Map

Reading spaces: 10

Services for the public: 02.2399.5703
Email:  apre una finestra per invio e-mailarchivio(at)polimi.it 
Manager: Cristina Mandelli

Opening Hours

Study Room
Monday - Friday 9.30 am to 1.00 pm 

Exceptional closure

To assembly our next exhibition, the study room of Historical Archives will be closed from Tuesday 10th to Tuesday 17th December, and on Friday 20th December 2019.

Current exhibition

Destinazione Spazio: il fascino di un'avventura tra scienza e tecnologia
curated by Michèle Lavagna, Giovanni Caprara

produced by ASAB Archivi Storici Politecnico di Milano

from Wednesday 18th December to Friday 28th February (closed from Friday 20th December to Monday 6th January 2020)
Historical Archive's exhibition room
Edificio B1, ground floor
Campus Bovisa - via Candiani 72, Milano

The exhibition will be open Mon-Fri, 9.30-13.00.
It is also possible to visit th exhibition on request, from 14.30 to 17.00, writing to 
archivio(at)polimi.it or calling the number 02/2399.5703 .

For more information: http://www.archivinmostra.polimi.it/


Internal and external users can request access by writing to apre una finestra per invio e-mailarchivio(at)polimi.it 

There are two different forms for requesting copies, one for the reproduction of documents with own means, for study and research purposes, and one for  the instances of reproduction for purpose of publication for profit and other particular purposes.
Any request for the reproduction of original materials must be submitted to Historical Archives.

Description of the library's archives

Archivi Storici works to describe, conserve, enhance and enrich the archival sources of interest to the Politecnico di Milano, ensuring the storage, cataloguing, reproduction and use of archives, in accordance with the law.

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For archival researches, there are finding aids relating to the single fonds, available in various formats and linked to the phase of processing / managing the same. From December 2017, it is possible to peruse the online inventories that are periodically published on the website ArchiVista.

Other services and activities of Archivi Storici

  • loans for exhibits, by submitting a request to  apre una finestra per invio e-mailarchivio(at)polimi.it
  • document exhibits
  • contacts with foundations and cultural institutions
  • consulting services and the development of tools for external archive conservators