University history archive (1846 - 1971)

The Archivio Storico di Ateneo (A.S.A.) is the largest historical archive documentary collection. It contains the predominantly administrative and financial historical document collection of the university institution set up in Milan in 1863 and called Regio Istituto Tecnico Superiore di Milano (1863-1923), then Regia Scuola di Ingegneria (1923-1933), Regia Scuola Superiore di Ingegneria (1933-1937), Regio Politecnico di Milano (1937-1946) and finally Politecnico di Milano (1946- ).
The Archivio Storico di Ateneo is subdivided into four large sections: 1. Registrar's office (divided up internally into 14 titles); 2. Service department; 3. Accounts; 4 Catalogues (year books and programmes, bulletins, Academic Senate, etc.)

Already part of the Politecnico's A.S.A. General Archives and kept at the Historical Archives since 2011.

Additional documentation
Undergoing inventory. Available in the reading room in PDF format, some section lists and/or inventories.