The Belgioioso fonds (1847-1860)

Paolo Belgioioso (1823 - ?)

Astronomer, mathematician and student at the Brera Astronomy Observatory from 1844 Belgioioso wrote the dissertation Intorno all'eclisse anulare di Sole visibile in Italia il giorno 9 ottobre 1847.

The fonds is made up of 4 bundles containing: 1. P. Belgioioso's university notes taken at Gabrio Piola's lectures in Pavia (1847-8); 2. documents and exercises in analytical geometry, trigonometry, physics and arithmetic; 3. lesson notes, derived equations exercises; 4. Booklets and miscellaneous publications and papers.

Held at the Archivi Storici since July 2011.

Additional documentation
Undergoing arrangement and inventory.