The video tutorials online, are self-learning tools which help you to obtain the basic skills for finding and using traditional and electronic resources and to use the library services.

Electronic resources

1. Databases

Through the databases  it is possible to find out  publications about a certain, and even very specific subject or publications about an author, etc. It is possible to access the complete text of a document through the database , if the Politecnico has a subscription, by pressing the SFX button. You can also manage your own bibliography with Refworks software. Watch how to use some databases in subscription:


2. E-journals

If you want to search by keywords among the e-journals in subscription at the Politecnico or if you know the title of the e-journal. Find the journals  indexes (TOC -Table of contents), the abstracts and the full-text. Watch how to use an e-journals archive:


3. E-book

 If you want to search by keywords among the e-books in subscription at the Politecnico or if you know the title of the e-book. Watch how to use an e-books collection:

Bibliographies management: Refworks

Software that allows you to organize and create your own personal archive of bibliographic records. You can automatically import references from databases  or manually insert data. RefWorks, furthermore, allows you to format your publications and bibliographies in a wide variety of styles. 



 Consult also the section CITATIONS AND COPYRIGHT.